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We love to drive ideas to marketable products in an Agile development environment, creating business value for customers and companies.

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Achieve ambitious product goals

Are you aiming to launch a new digital product? Do you want a product lifecycle extension? Do you have a product with an immense technical debt that need revamping?

Wi-advize helps start-ups and larger organizations managing their digital products throughout the different product lifecycles. We work closely with stakeholders to understand the business needs and technology requirements for the company’s product.

At wi-advize we oversee the entire life cycle of a product. From idea over implementation until after launch with a clear focus to create business value for customers and companies. We act as the glue that bind the many functions that touch the product: engineering, customer success, sales, marketing, operations, finance, and more.

Let us help you to achieve those ambitious business goals!


Scale your product organisation

The scope of how software is developed is changing and expanding rapidly. Many practices like Agile, SCRUM and similar methodologies shape the landscape for product development in the 21st century. Product management is focused on the consumerization of B2B/B2C software all with an elevated role for usability and design. Product teams have to make sure they deliver added value for both users and companies. But how do they ensure making the right business decision, what about product quality, TCO of the product and many more. Today product managers are increasingly the mini-CEO of the product wearing multiple heats not allowing them to sufficiently focus on all aspects of Product Management.

Wi-advize helps product managers and product management teams in building the connective tissue between the teams by optimizing the product development process and the customer experience to ensure users get maximum value from the product. We work on better visibility and collaboration, increased efficiency, and more valuable output.

Let us help you to scale your product organization!



Reshape the future with disruptive technologies

The rise of global competition, shifting market dynamics and disruptive business models compel companies to overhaul their organization to embrace technology to reshare their business model. Companies that choose to sit on the sidelines are essentially ceding their competitive advantage. How can Artificial intelligence, Deep learning, IoT, automation, digitization and many more technologies help your organization?

Wi-advize helps companies with a tech-enabled transformation to increase revenues, expand margins, and pursue new revenue streams with different business models.  By using design thinking and the lean product playbook, we strive for a faster product market fit. This allow companies to reclaim their competitive advantage.

Let us help you to introduce (new) technologies in your organization!


Grow you expertise

Whether you are a young entrepreneur or a seasoned person with a passion for digital products you love to grow your career and/or company. You want to gain insights into developing strategies and meeting difficult challenges, you want to enhance your goal setting skillset and work towards achieving them. In conclusion: you want to gain a fresh perspective.

Wi-advize has a proven track record of mentoring start-up founders and co-founders. Our entrepreneurial experiences allow us to encourage mentees to think through issues and approaches, challenge them to think differently and open their eyes and mind to different perspectives. We help you to see your destination and grow your career by encouragement and cheerleading.

Let us help you to grow your career!



2580 Putte, Belgium

+32 (0)473 866.050

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